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BeNext Mature Age Workforce Solutions

BeNext provides tailored mature age workforce solutions to significantly improve the capability your company’s operations. Growth of your business in a tightening labour market means that you’ll need efficiencies and best practice applied in;

  • Recruitment, Human Resource, Occupational Health and Safety, Adult Learning, and EEO and Flexible work policies, practices and processes to attract and retain the right person, especially the mature aged worker.  

Maximise your mature age workforce potential TODAY.


Mature age workforce solutions

If you need to make informed decisions on how to maximise the available workforce in the future or you want to examine how your current recruitment and workforce operations can work smarter then we can help. A customized service that includes

  • Diagnosis – understanding your current problem and future needs
  • Solutions – understanding your business strategy we can help you select and implement the right tools, partners and processes to ensure that your recruitment drive is supported by best-practice operations
  • Satisfaction – is measurable and implemented to your standards
  • Development – your business gains information and “know how” and is not a black box solution.

QUICK TIP: Attracting candidates is more than just writing good job adverts. In an environment where almost 50% of the workforce in three years time will be Baby Boomers it is vital that you understand how to create an attractive environment to tap into this massive talent pool.


Free mature age recruitment process tools

Take the steps to a more efficient, cost effective and quality recruitment process for an experienced workforce by using our handy tools:

    • Are you attractive? In a market that is short of skills, are you doing everything possible to promote your workplace and attract the right worker? Download your workforce attraction questionnaire.
    • Recruitment competitive advantage Do you have the competitive advantage when recruiting a skilled and experienced workforce? Make one of the best decisions today and download your recruitment competitive advantage audit

to see how your workplace is shaping up.

  • How you attract a potential employee is your organisation’s shop front window. Download the important questions to ask to see how you are engaging potential experienced and skilled employees?
  • Sustaining your employees How to get an experienced and skilled workforce today and into the future. Download your workforce sustainability focus statement.

Workforce Planning: Tap the mature age workforce opportunity

Every organisation is different, has different strategies, operations and ultimately customer. But there is a constant, almost everyone needs a workforce.

Our workforce planning service will help your team build the capacity to be proficient in workforce planning. We are not a black box but rather a partner to help you achieve your organisation ultimate goals.

To do this we work in collaboration on focused projects so that your teams get the hands on know how of workforce planning.
Our workforce planning services fundamentally include:

  • Workforce analysis
  • Forecasting or scenario reviews based on business futures
  • Gap analysis
  • Action planning and implementation

Recruitment Technology

With over 15 million job searches performed on Google per month alone your company needs to be harnessing the power of the internet. We can help you determine what is the best technology for your business ensuring that you receive return on investment whilst being able to compete in the global market.

BeNext shares the insights of over 10 years of experience of building some of the world’s largest recruitment centers over two continents to ensure that whatever the size of your business, we can help you grow.

Please contact us for an obligation free conversation and together we’ll determine what is the best course of action for your business.