What is a natural weed killer for lawns?

What is a natural weed killer for lawns?

Weeds — they sneak up in your lawn and make it their business to get everywhere that is awkward to reach. When we see them, we usually reach for the easy way out a container of herbicide. Readily accessible and reasonably priced, it’s no surprise that many gardeners choose them. Sadly, certain herbicides are not only detrimental to weeds, but they can have serious side effects on humans using them too. Here are some organic, non-toxic alternatives that you will find in your own home.


#1. Boiling water

One of the most natural solutions to weeds requires nothing more than some water. This technique couldn’t be more straightforward, just boil some water, then, before it has an opportunity to cool too much, pour the boiling water on the head and root systems of the weeds. The boiling temperature will burn practically any plant it comes in contact with, killing all but the most stubborn of weeds.


#2. Vinegar and lemon juice

Weeds, like most plants, are very dependent on the PH levels of the soil to flourish. With this in mind pouring a natural acid like vinegar or lemon juice around a weed will automatically lower the PH of the land and cause it to whiter and die. This is why most commercial herbicides contain acid. Reach for your pantry door the next time you want to rid yourself of some pesky weeds.


#3. Pickle juice

Have you ever finished off a jar of pickle, and you find a pot full of what you thought was a useless liquid? Whatever you do, don’t throw it away, this brine is full of salt and vinegar. Two things that weeds really dislike. Pour the brine directly on to the plants and watch them fade away in front of your eyes.


#4. Soap

Are you ever left with some liquid soap or shampoo in a bottle that isn’t enough to be of any use to you? Don’t throw it away, fill the bottle with off the boiling water and shake it well. The solution you are left with is a natural weed killer for lawns. The surfactants in the soap help the other ingredients in the solution helping it to kill weeds even faster.