Top Tips for Photocopier Maintenance

Top Tips for Photocopier Maintenance

Most people are not well-informed about the significance of maintaining their office machines. Handling your photocopier with care and keeping it clean can increase its lifespan. The following are the tips for maintaining a photocopier.

Replacing toner

You will notice when the copier ink needs to be changed. It’s essential to change it out frequently. Always replace cartridges before they are completely out to avoid harming the machine. This can also result in the production of poor quality copies.

Switch off the photocopier

When not in use, ensure the machine is turned off or put it into sleep mode so as to save power and increase its lifespan.

When not in use, avoid using it as a shelf

Even if a photocopier is not in use, it should not be transformed into a shelf, but there are people who turn it into a shelf. Avoid placing heavy items such as boxes and other times on top of it. Placing such items on the top of your copier can be risky as it can cause the glass to crack, damage the cover, or distort the photocopier surface. The good thing is to handle your copier with care.


Since a photocopier is a very expensive investment and the technology is evolving now and then, it’s good to have some training skills about the operations of the machine so as to maximize your usage and ensure the machine is more efficient.  Make sure training is included in your copier maintenance agreement services with your supplier.


Always use the recommended papers. Using inappropriate papers may hamper the operations of the photocopier. This can even result in the damage of the copier which may be costly to repair.

By adhering to these simple steps you can help to prolong the lifespan of your copier. Prior to cleaning your photocopier ensure you have read and understood the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have doubts concerning the cleaning of certain parts, ensure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.