The Mature age Workforce : Baby Boomers

The Mature age Workforce : Baby Boomers

The baby boomer workforce

Baby boomers are the largest, healthiest, best educated population of Australians ever to move through and beyond their fifties – and there is an excellent opportunity for the wider business and community to engage and harness the skills and know-how of this mobile and active generation.


The opportunity for work that matters

Many are determined to apply their experience to make a difference for others. Some are able to do so as unpaid volunteers. A large majority are looking for work that matters. This type of work combines aspects of work (income and social benefits) with elements of community connection (travel) or to ‘give back’ experience through jobs tailored to their interests and circumstances.

A growing workforce

With almost three million people identified as baby boomers, they have the time, the motivation and commitment to put their skills and knowledge to use for personal and community benefit.

Already we are seeing this in labour force statistics with both men and women aged over the age of 55 years increasing their participation in the workforce from 7% to 17% (ABS, 2008). And, it is women in large numbers over the age of 55 years who are leading the way with ongoing development and education (ABS, 2008).

Harness the potential with BeNext

BeNext services aim to help community and business tap into this large resource of knowledge-rich baby boomers with their positive approach and ‘can do’ attitude. We want to break down the barriers and stereotypes and make an impact.

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