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Make the change to flexible work

Age needn’t be a barrier to making the change to more meaningful work. Whether it’s more flexible hours, trying something completely new, or giving back to the community with volunteer work – here’s a plan of attack to help you on your path to happiness and fulfilment.


Baby boomers are passionate and want to make a difference. Whether it’s paid or voluntary work, people are choosing to make the move to work that matters in large numbers. This is not something that is restricted to Australia. In the United States, Marc Freedman(1), founder of Civic Ventures, suggests there are a large number of people that want to make a change to another type of work in their fifties and beyond and who want to make a difference.

Finding and doing work that matters can be a challenge – especially when you are starting out. So you need to ask yourself a few quick questions.

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Working in retirement is good for your health

Many people associate retirement with finishing work. They picture long walks on the beach, hooking up the caravan to the 4WD, or taking some time to find new hobbies. After all, haven’t you spent a good part of your life dreaming about not having to work anymore?

Haven’t you counted down the days until nine to five was replaced with a balance between recreation and doing work that matters?

Well before you start packing up your desk, take into account recent research that indicates that retirees who continue to work in either a part-time or full-time capacity actually have an excellent quality of life with better physical and mental health than their non-working counterparts.

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Fusion Careers- What Boomers really want!

The Future of Work survey shows that retirement will retire

According to the recent BeNext survey, 75% of Australians aged 50 to 70 want jobs that contribute to the greater good both now and in retirement. 2010 is just around the corner, and it means that older baby boomers are just one year away from 65 (the traditional age of retirement).

What changes are you going to make so that you can do what you want in retirement? Do you plans match up with what other people are saying?

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1. Freedman, Marc. Civic Ventures, The Experience Dividend 2009

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