More than just a job board. How to go from Workforce Crisis to Workforce Bliss

Not only does BeNext offer exceptional value with job board function we also include services that have sure fire steps of how to:

  • lift productivity, 
  • reduce absenteeism and 
  • minimise injury rates in your business. 
  • Revealing hidden savings and impact the bottom line in any business small or large all by maximising experience and diversity within your workplace.

From Australia’s Leading Advisors on the Ageing Workforce strategies presents productivity improving Workplace Age Management an integrated workforce consultancy.


If you’d like to preside over the success of your workforce solutions, regardless of economy or any other market conditions and want to put an end to the justification of your decisions that you’ve become resigned to, please keep reading.


Getting stable workforce in today’s market is easy.. If you know the best kept ageing workforce attraction and retention strategies and importantly how to apply them.


This is where we can help- After 10 years of experience working with multinationals to small community organisations across health, mining, engineering and banking industries, we have been able to observe, absorb and apply innovative workforce strategies to maximise the potential of workforce demographics.


By working with us you can go behind the walls and cash in on the undisclosed and hard to find ageing workforce strategies of today’s top organisations.These high profile techniques can be applied to your organisation with unprecedented results and our, Ageing Workforce Consultants can take you there.

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Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity

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BeNext.com.au- targeting the older worker and is driven by proven, easy and effective technology.

  • Cost effective.
  • Simple to use
  • Loaded and away from your desk in about 5minutes

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Consultancy Services: Workplace Age Management

Customised  ageing workforce solutions where you  get the skills and know how to develop age management solutions for today and tomorrow’s workforce.

The ROI is clear- smart action today for improved performance tomorrow

Workplace Age Management Services will

  • Reduce bottom line costs
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Provide safer workplaces and healthier work systems
  • Prevent Corporate Knowledge loss
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BeNext services

Increased competition for skills, retention and attraction costs mounting, insurance premiums  and absenteeism increasing you could be forgiven for thinking it is too hard.

You see form our experience most business are floundering with their ageing workforce. In fact, we find that

  • 75% of business are not doing anything and
  • 20% are trying but are either cost neutral or losing money and really only
  • 5% are making a big PROFIT to the detriment of their competition.


The challenges we see many executives and managers facing is one of not knowing where to start and what is the decisive actions that will achieve maximum Return On Their Investment

So what we do is gather and analyse your workforce intelligence and use the 10 plus years of experience and best practice evidence and build with you a sustainable workforce solutions.


Our only request of you is- total and uncompromising commitment to succeed. Without this we are wasting your time and ours.


BeNext is a workforce solutions business that brings together the skills and knowledge of the mature age worker with organisation’s requirements to meet their strategic goals.  We are leading the call to engage and sustain a generation in work which is vital for your business sustainability and growth.

If you are after a professional though not so big business that has real skin in the game, then BeNext is just the partner for you. Furthermore, just to be clear if you are after an innovative, solution focused mature age workforce business that offers an integrated suite of OHS and HR services- we are that specialist organisation!

  • Worplace Age Mangagement- A BeNext consultancy service is a specialist service providing ageing workforce solutions – From strategic analysis through to  expert Job analysis and design, Ergonomic evaluations, Pre Employment evaluations, Mature age  recruitment process and campaign solutions, employee retention and attraction strategy. We share the insights of over 10 years experience of developing some the world’s largest business workforce solutions that has stretched over several continents. So what ever the size of your business, we can help you grow by attracting, engaging and sustaining a diverse workforce.
  • BeNext Mature Age Job Board: An online job board that advertises your jobs at affordable value for money price. Sophisticated and simple to use technology at your finger tips. The job offers a simple solution to attract and engage the mature job seeker market

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