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Where to Stay in Sydney CBD

If you are planning a trip to Sydney CBD, you can choose to stay in hotels, all-inclusive resorts or accommodation in Sydney CBD. The place of your stay can make a difference in your trip. To help you decide, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Hotels: These are the first to remember when planning a trip. sydney CBD has a wide range of hotels ranging from budget to mid-range and luxurious. However, if you want to stay in a hotel, you are guaranteed a safe, comfortable and comfortable environment. However, these hotels definitely lack a new factor because, apart from local influences, hotels around the world offer a uniform set of services and environment. Even if you choose a budget hotel, the costs can add up, especially if you are on the island for a long stay. This is because you would have to eat out during your stay. Also, you will be surrounded by crowds all the time unless, of course, you end up in your room.

All-Inclusive Resorts: Sydney CBD has been a pioneer in the concept of all-inclusive resorts as an alternative to an impersonal stay. All-inclusive resorts involve a one-time fee that covers everything from airline tickets to accommodation, food, beverages, and activities. These resorts save you the worry of reaching your wallet over and over again. Secondly, if you are new to the scene, avoid planning your own itinerary, making your own reservations, etc. But part of the fun and excitement of a vacation is the planning you will lose. On the other hand, these complexes can be quite expensive and limit your choice to the activities included. You lose the freedom to do your thing.

Apart from that, you can also explore the Sydney CBD at your own pace and in your free time, live as locals among the locals and get a first-hand perspective of the island and the local way of life.…

BeNext News

BeNext News


Find BeNext media articles and stories and learn of our recent successes

BeNext in the media

The story of BeNext is about championing the call to action to engage with people aged over 50 years of age as a vital workforce for community and business sustainability.

September 2009

  • ABC radio of Southern Queensland interviewed the co founders of BeNext, Ben Hughes and David Norris. A summary of the interview can be found at the ABC Southern Queensland

October 2009

    • Australia’s largest community radio network interviews David Norris. This was a great interview where we covered the recent issues raised by a recent National Seniors Australia report

November 2009

  • The Sunday Mail’s columnist, Bec Sparrow, publishes an article on BeNext and our work to support and connect people into regional paid and unpaid roles. A full electronic version is available at Newstext an online News Corporation warehouse of articles or you can review the Nomad Know How article as an image.


BeNext updates

For those people who have been asking “what have you guys been up to” we thought we would keep you updated and share our recent stories of success.

July 2009

  • Maranoa Regional Council decides to be next- The Regional Council has voiced their support of the BeNext regional workforce strategy. Read the full version of the Maranoa Regional Council’s support of the BeNext programme

September 2009

  • BeNext completes work for the Department of Education, Employment and Workforce Relations regarding the Golden Guru programme

October 2009

  • BeNext conducts strategy and organisation development sessions with the board members of the Surat Basin Corporation

December 2009

  • BeNext submission adds the Boomer’s voice to the Queensland Government’s Positively Ageless Discussion Paper. Preliminary results of the BeNext survey provide an alternate picture of ageing and community productivity.


Mature age skills to benefit Australian communities and businesses!

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BeNext is ageing workforce solutions business. We help mature age workers find and connect with employers through our online job board and career advice information. We also help employers optimise Age at work for Business success. BeNext offers two distinct employer services 1. Advertising mature age jobs to attract the mature age worker, and 2. Mature age workforce management consultancy workforce solutions- services including workforce planning, attraction, campaigns and retention services.


WORK in the Second

Half of Life

Find full time or part time jobs



BeNext – is an online mature age job and career centre supporting job seekers who are fusing life experience and “know how” to get work that matters.

People are wanting to be connected and engaged in work that has meaning in the second half of life. Whatever your situation, take the time find something which fits with where you want to BeNext in life.

How to use BeNext

  • Join and find the job you have been looking for!
  • You can meet and approach employers directly
  • Receive FREE stuff for example job advice, career news and seminar invites
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Connect with Employers

Meet the employers making careers in the second half of life a reality. Click on the links below to  find out which organisations are needing mature skill and experience.

  • Accounting and Banking
  • Construction and Property
  • Mining and Energy 
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare and Community services
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance and Super
  • Education and Child Care
  • Not for Profit
  • Retail
  • Work from Home
  • Transport and Logistics




Helen, Perth. I’m 57yrs old and recently taken voluntary redundancy. I know I want to work but am old enough to value the concept of “meaningful” work. 

(14days later) …through your BeNext website I have been able to secure a ‘meaningful’ receptionist role in an Aged Care home

Latest Career Advice, News and Articles

  • So where do you start with training and development. We have compiled a list of resources and key     questions to ask and get answers to help you on your training way. Click here to be informed on how to choose the right  mature adult training course for you.
  • What are the options and choices available when the mind is willing but the body is not playing fair?m Click here to read more on managing your work health balance as a mature age worker.



Mature age employment: Use experience to get that job- stories worth sharing

The Australian of the Year and Senior Australian of the Year 2011, both over 50 years of age, are championing a new path in life. One that is being taken up by more and more Australians which benefits themselves as well as the community and society in which they live. Here, Senior Australian of the Year 2011, Professor Ron McCallum AO Senior Australian of the Year 2011, shares his story.

To read more about Senior Australians of the year go to Much like Professor Ron McCallum we would like to hear your story.

Articles of interest

  • Explore Mature age work opportunities- Retirement work is good for your health.
    Before you start packing up your desk, take into account recent research that indicates that retirees who continue to work in either a part-time or full-time capacity actually have an excellent quality of life with better physical and mental health than their non-working counterparts. Read more retirement work is good for your health.
  • Plan for a retirement work life balance- Make your work -life balance a reality.
    Can you really mix business and pleasure? We’ve been taught that the two are clearly opposites, that there is a distinct line drawn between them. So, is it really possible to achieve a work/life balance?What is a work/life balance anyway?For those approaching or already in retirement, a work/life balance can mean a number of things. Read more to make your work -life balance a reality.
  • Find -Volunteer work- questions to ask before you start.
    Now is the perfect opportunity to give back to the community one of the most valuable things you can offer- your time. Volunteer work is rewarding, meaningful and helps those who need it the most. You may want to do it to “give back” or it may be a path to a new career. But, like any other job, you must ask the right questions and do your research before you start. Read more to get started in finding the right volunteer work role.

BeNext News

  • BeNext launches specialty ageing workforce consultancy service to help employers maximise the potential of the ageing workforce. Specialty services help reduce costs and improve workforce and business performance. Go to where employers can find more information about managing  older workers.
  • Freedom to work or freedom from work survey- From all of us at BeNext, we want to thank each and everyone who contributed to the survey. In the end more than 600 people added their voice to the survey. It proved to be very timely and insightful especially as the early results from the survey helped support BeNext’s submission to the Queensland Government’s Positively Ageless discussion paper.
    • The Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan, released the Intergenerational Report 2010 , the third in the series. In the 164 page report it outlines the impact of an ageing population on workforce skills and productivity. The report to some extent acknowledges the need for a mature age Australian workforce, one that supports diversity and people working at any stage in life. It is encouraging to see the Golden Gurus program, proposed by Queensland’s Ernie Peralta, will be continued and the productive ageing program to support mature age job seekers.

Mature age skills to benefit communities and businesses!

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BeNext is ageing workforce solutions business. We help mature age workers find and connect with employers through our online job board and career advice information. We also help employers optimise Age at work for Business success. BeNext offers two distinct employer services 1. Advertising mature age jobs to attract the mature age worker, and 2. Mature age workforce management consultancy workforce solutions- services including workforce planning, attraction, campaigns and retention services.


The Difference Between A Contested & Uncontested Divorce

One of the first things that come to mind for couples who are headed for a divorce is that the process is going to be expensive. This is a valid concern that must be addressed from the first consultation meeting that you have with your divorce lawyer. Ask your divorce lawyer what their fees are for divorce proceedings and make sure that you leave the meeting with a full understanding of what’s included in the fees.

Ideally, you want to deal with a law firm that’s transparent about their fees. One of the best ways to keep the cost of divorce proceedings low is to opt for a law firm that offers affordable and tailored packages with fixed prices.

What’s Included in the Uncontested Divorce Fixed Fee Divorce Package

We know that divorce can be quite stressful and emotionally draining. That’s why we strive to ensure that the legal side of things is as smooth, affordable and convenient as possible. The last thing you need to worry about during this difficult time is finances.

Our law firm offers fixed fees for uncontested divorce cases. The fees start from $1,500 for couples without children, maintenance or property to divide. However, the fees can go up to $2,500 for situations that involve children, maintenance and property. The latter scenario requires additional paperwork including maintenance/alimony, child support and time sharing agreements for example.

Our fees are fixed and they cover everything from the beginning to the conclusion of the divorce proceedings.

During the course of the proceedings, you’ll have access to a team of experienced and highly qualified attorneys who will provide you with advice on how to proceed.

Neither you nor your spouse will be required to attend court as our attorneys will handle that aspect of the divorce for you.

An uncontested divorce is quick and easy, especially if both spouses are compliant. You and your spouse will be able to get the Interim Judgement which will include all of the settlement terms of the divorce within one month of application. The Final Judgement should follow three months later if there are no disruptions.

How Long Will the Divorce Take?

An uncontested divorce is much easier to wrap up than a contested divorce. That’s because there’s less paperwork involved in an uncontested divorce. All that needs to be filed is a Statement of Claim, Affidavit of Evidence in Chief, Writ for Divorce, the Draft Interim Judgement and the Statement of Particulars.

Out of all these documents, the Draft Interim Judgement is the most important because it contains the settlement details of the divorce.

Once all of these documents have been filed, the divorce proceedings should be complete in just three weeks. Next, the Court will pass an Interim Judgement on the divorce after reviewing the case. The process of getting an Interim Judgement typically takes about one month while the Final Judgement takes three months.

When the Final Judgement has been granted, the divorce proceedings come to an end and the couple is considered legally divorced.…