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About Us
Experience the satisfaction that comes with positive life change.

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The BeNext community

BeNext aims to connect a generation of people wanting a work- life balance with a range of employers and communities who can help them achieve this.

Our online community gives people access to a range of resources including:

  • BeWise – our resource centre offering a range of articles to assist you overcome the obstacles, draw on your exisiting skills and discover the ideal career for you.
  • BeNext Careers – our job board – you’ve decided on your path, now find the perfect job
  • BeNext Community – looking for a tree change as well as a work balance? BeNext has joined forces with regional areas needing experienced permanent, casual and seasonal workers in their communities. You can find rewarding work and connect with the community without sacrificing financially.
  • BeNext Solutions – Helping business build a balanced and diversified workforce.


The BeNext team

A Sunday afternoon chat on the back deck led Ben and David to identify a problem in both of their industries that could be resolved if they joined forces.

Through Ben’s experience in recruitment, he saw a group of employers struggling to recruit skilled people into their workforce. Working in the health industry, David’s experience was of working with people, an ageing workforce, that refused to get old. They both understand that people are looking for the next best thing in life, not slowing down and need networks and opportunities to explore and do it. And so BeNext was formed.

BeNext is a combined expression of Ben’s entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of innovative strategies to open talent pools, and David’s insight into the requirements of a changing population.

“Through our business we aim to create a resource that is helpful, action orientated, relevant and community focused.”


BeNext supporters, friends and alliances

BeNext would like to thank the following people and organisations for their commitment and support to the development of BeNext and for sharing and committing to the vision:

  • Firstly friends and family, an integral group of people that have provided help and support to both Ben and David,
  • and secondly to Marc Freedman of Civic Ventures who patiently took our calls and emails thanks for showing the way!


Mature age skills to benefit Australian communities and businesses!

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BeNext is ageing workforce solutions business. We help mature age workers find and connect with employers through our online job board and career advice information. We also help employers optimise Age at work for Business success. BeNext offers two distinct employer services 1. Advertising mature age jobs to attract the mature age worker, and 2. Mature age workforce management consultancy workforce solutions- services including workforce planning, attraction, campaigns and retention services.