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Change to work that matters
Find a job, get ahead, connect with other people and have impact
Baby boomers are actively seeking a work life balance.

BeWise - change to work that matters

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Give back to the community, achieve that work- life balance, and get ahead with Bewise. Whether you have time to give, or time to earn – it’s all about making the most of the experience.

Being Vocal

People who are choosing a different path in life. One that benefits themselves as well as the community and society as a whole. Here, courtesy of Civic Ventures of the U.S, we are sharing the stories of people who are making a difference to their communities.

Are you or you know someone who is doing work that matters? Would you like to share your story? If you have we would really like to hear from you so that others can learn from your experience.

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Attractive baby boomer women choose work that is flexible to meet their needs Explore
Working in retirement is good for your health. Before you start packing up your desk, take into account recent research that indicates that retirees who continue to work in either a part-time or full-time capacity actually have an excellent quality of life with better physical and mental health than their non-working counterparts.

Make the change to flexible work.Take down the barriers that prevent the change to more meaningful work. Whether it's more flexible hours, trying something completely new, or giving back to the community with volunteer work- here's a plan of attack to help you on your path to happiness and fulfillment. Make the change today click here to read more about achieving a flexible work life.
Baby boomers choose to relocate and get back to real living Plan
Make your work -life balance a reality. Can you really mix business and pleasure? We’ve been taught that the two are clearly opposites, that there is a distinct line drawn between them. So, is it really possible to achieve a work/life balance? What is a work/life balance anyway?Read more to make a work/life balance a reality.

Achieve a work- life balance with a tree change. Reduce the financial stress with a tree change. Tired of the same daily grind? Want a better work-life balance? Don't underestimate the potential work opportunities that regional towns across Australia offer baby boomers. Do some research, take the time to plan and read how you can make the most out of the move away from the big smoke. Read more and find out how to achieve a work-life balance.
Baby Boomers are one of the most giving generations of their time Find
Volunteer work- questions to ask before you start. Now is the perfect opportunity to give back to the community one of the most valuable things you can offer- your time. Volunteer work is rewarding, meaningful and helps those who need it the most. You may want to do it to "give back" or it may be a path to a new career. But, like any other job, you must ask the right questions and do your research before you start. Read more to get started in finding the right volunteer work role.
Baby Boomer couples are wanting to get into work that matters and are finding new ways to do it Connect
Take the steps to a job that matters. Take the steps to get a job that matters. Making the move into work that matters may require some critical thinking. This means investing time into the process and genuinely considering the issues and people involved. Here are some simple steps that you can take to help make an informed decision. Take the critical thinking steps to a job that matters today.